Affair Discovery · Infidelity

My (Our) Story

It has been almost ten months since I was awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of text messages being received on my tablet. My husband, a heavy sleeper, was not disturbed by the sound. He did stir when I reached to pick up the tablet to see who would be messaging me at 1:15 AM. The texts changed my life forever.

He is lying to you. We have been having an affair for over six years.

My husband’s ex-mistress had decided that she would try to destroy me, my husband and our marriage by sharing details of their six and a half year affair. I would find out much later that she was angry that he had ended their relationship 3.5 months prior and had not contacted her. She was taking her revenge.

A deadly calm overtook me. I had to be in a state of shock. I began to ask questions of her. Her answers were worded in a way that would twist and push the “knife” even deeper.

I began to scream at my husband, reading him the texts as she sent them. After several minutes he admitted the affair.

Our life and marriage as I had believed it to be ended at that moment.

This blog is the story of what has happened since that night and what continues to happen. It is an open ended story with no clear path at this point.

I did not realize how difficult typing just the words written above would be. My heart is pounding and my hands are ice cold. But I feel I must write this story as it has unfolded and continues to unfold.

I am inviting my husband to share this blog with me. I hope that he will.

It is my hope that we find the courage to write the truth. His truth. My truth. Our truth. I believe complete truth could have prevented us from being here now.

Hopefully there is survival within the truth.